Friday, June 17, 2005

Hindu Resurgence Reminding, Rededicating…

(Dr. Upendra Shenoy)

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Hindu Resurgence

There are many people in the country who strongly feel that the so-called ‘Secular’ print and electronic media, at least a dominant section among them, knowingly or unknowingly is playing a very adverse and prejudiced role, when it comes to the reporting of the Hindu point of view. Suppressing or misrepresenting tactics are being liberally used along with admonitions and ridicules of ‘Hindutva’. At the same time, this secular section appears to support the anti-Hindu forces in the country which are active with their alien and subversive ideologies. In essence, it has come to mean that ‘Secularism’ is nothing but opposition to Hindus, Hindustan and Hindutva. This is quite ridiculous in a country which is predominantly Hindu in its composition and character. This situation is agonizing to many and confusing to many more since they would not get to a true picture of what is going on in the country because of the prejudice of the media.

‘HINDU RESURGENCE’, wants to do its bit to correct this situation. It has been trying and would also try in future, to throw light on those issues which get twisted or misrepresented by the ‘secular’ media.

It is the considered view of ‘HINDU RESURGENCE’ that in Bharat, a country with more than eighty percent of Hindu population and a hoary Hindu history, the true nationalism is undoubtedly ‘Hindutva’ and any neglect, renouncement or ridiculing of it is improper, unjust and ridiculous. The country would be truly free when ‘Hindutva’ gains its due respect, not ridicule as at present.

Of course, this would be just a beginning of the country’s resurgence. Other larger issues are to be attended too. Various social injustices weakening the society, serious distortions in the field of socio-economic development, a chaotic situation in the political and administrative system and devitalized cultural and religious life—also are causes of concern, inviting correction.

‘HINDU RESURGENCE’ would always try to focus the attention of its readers on these issues and goad them to do their bit in the service of the Motherland. It rededicates itself to that cause on this first anniversary day.

With the March-April 2005 issue, ‘HINDU RESURGENCE’, the bi-monthly bulletin, is entering its second year of publication. The venture, it may be reminded, had started with an avowed objective of providing a Hindu view of history and contemporary events. How far did it serve the purpose in its first year of publication, its scrupulous readers only have to judge and opine.

Dr. Upendra Shenoy,
‘Hindu Resurgence’, (A Bi-monthly Bulletin offering a Hindu view of History and Contemporary events), Keshava Shiplpa, Kempegowda Nagar, Bangalore-560019,

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